Journey to the Past: University of Southern Philippines Foundation Rizaliana Museum

The USPF Rizaliana museum retains the largest collection of Rizaliana items outside of Manila. It contains many of his articles of clothing, including undershirts, winter coats and vbreeches, as we ll as letters to his colleagues and friends and sketches of his sisters. It also holds all fourteen original postcards with the text of "Mi Ultimo Adios."

Katipunan flag 

The Rizal family is related to the founders of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Agustin and Beatriz Jereza, through affinity. Dr. Jose Rizal's sister, Doña Lucia, marroed Mariano Herbosa, whose granddaugther, Concepcion Herbosa, married Escolastico Duterte, The nephew of Agustin and Beatriz Jereza. 
Young Pepe feeding his dog Braganza.
It was through this family connection that the university acquired the majority of its collection. On February 11, 1951, Doña Trinidad, Doña Conception and Doña Lucia, the sisters of Dr. Jose Rizal, donated the personal belongings of their brother.

Here are the list of items found here:
Authentic clothes of Dr. Jose Rizal.
  • White shirt with collar for evening wear
  • White shirt without collar
  • White breeches for horse riding
  • Winter vest
  • Night gown
  • Summer pants
  • Undershirts Camisa de Chino
  • Shirt cuffs
  • Winter overcoat
  • Winter clothes (3 pieces)
Complete set (14 pieces) Dr. Jose Rizal Memorabilia Postcards, 1909.
Commemorative handkerchief, imprinted with "Canto Patriotico de Maria Clara", 1906.
Sketchbook of Dr. Jose Rizal with Josephine Bracken as his model.
Josephine Bracken's original letters.
Photograph manuscript of "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo"
Original Katipunan Flag (photo above).

Photographs related to Dr. Jose Rizal;
  • Lover of Rizal
  • Rizal at different ages
  • Scholastic records
  • Family
  • Artistic works
  • Friends and contemporaries
  • First tomb of Rizal
  • ForeForeign Associates
University of Southern Philippines Foundation Rizaliana Museum
Mabini Street, Cebu City

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