Journey to the Past: Cebu Normal University Museum

Cebu Normal University was established in 1902 as a provincial normal school, a branch of the Philippine Normal School. It became an independent institution in 1924, a chartered college in 1976, and a university in 1998. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Cebu, with the enviable reputation of having produced a great many outstanding educators and public figures.

The Famous CNU Alumni include: the late Undersecretary of Education Narciso Albarracin; Mr. Hilario Davide Sr., National Model Filipino awardee; the late Sen. Marceo Fernan, as well as several college and university presidents, regional directors, division superintendents and outstanding teachers.

Tragically, it was also used as a garrison og the dreaded Kempeitai, or Military Police of the Japanese Imperial Army during the Pacific War (WWII). Survivors of its grim dungeons still have harrowing stories to tell of the tortures they underwent within its walls, before the city was finally liberated by the Allied Forces on arch 26, 1945.

Ancient chandeliers lit up the hallways.

Gas mask
Pins from the time of war.

There was a note not to take photos so these were the only shoots I had when we visited.

An Art Gallery showcases the works of Jovito Abellana. The Natural History Section where I saw skeletons of animals and even those floating on bottles with almost empty formaldehyde solution. A Permanent Collection from the late Spanish to the early American eras that shows fine workmanship. And of course, there were fossils.

Cebu Normal University Museum
Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City
Contact Number: (0320 253-6223
Museum Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM - 12NN 1PM-5PM Saturday By appointment only

Admission Rates:
Php5   Elementary and High School Students
Php10 College Students
Php20 Adults and Professionals
FREE  Out-of-School Youth and Special Children 

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  1. wow. thanks bud. will visit the place one of this days.. its good that they are really people who tries to preserve the old times.


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