Bardos Clan 2012 Reunion

Victoriano Bardos, Sr.

Warning: This is gonna be a long post. Thought you should know before proceeding. I recommend closing the page if you have better things to do. Ha! Reminiscent of Lemony Snicket's writing style, yeah? My dad called me up to attend the annual family reunion in Plaridel, Leyte. I was a bit hesitant for I was almost broke and payday has yet to come. Told him that I'd see what I can do. I managed to go on day off on the day of the reunion. One down and then off to find funds for the trip. I only needed a few amount, just enough to get me there and back. This would be a challenge. I felt the stars have aligned when my supervisor handed me the long-awaited incentive in cold hard cash! I threw my fist up in the air and shouted, "YES! I finally have enough to go to Leyte and back!” Was I happy! 

I informed my dad that I was going and he said he can't go with my grandpa and aunt for he does not have enough cash with him. He encouraged me to go which I did! Got my tickets and left Cebu on Saturday night. I boarded a 5-hour boat ride for Ormoc. Thank you Google Maps for the directions! I took the liberty in viewing the map prior to leaving the house. I hate to ask random people for directions for the fear of getting mugged or getting stabbed. Yes, I am a bit paranoid about that! :P

I then headed to the bus station which was a short walk from the port and rode a van headed for Maasin. I stopped at Plaridel National High School a bit dizzy. The van driver sure knows how to be on time! I had a struggle with Globe and its erratic signal. I was greeted by my aunt and we took a few walk to our transient house for the next few days. My grandfather of whom I have not seen for almost 2 years beamed at the sight of me! I have missed him! ♥

I, who barely had sleep had enough energy to last me the whole day. I somehow managed to catch up with a few of my cousins while we waited for breakfast to be served. After the morning prep, we then headed out to the covered court. Wow! I didn't expect the event to be that big! And by BIG I mean, around 50-80 guests! All here to rekindle old connections and for the new ones which was us to create new ties with newly acquainted relatives. This is just a small number as others were unable to make it due to reasons beyond me.
Some even went as far as Alabama! There were representatives from all parts of the Philippines! Bohol, Cagayan, Davao and from Metro Manila. I talked to my grandpa and asked him when was the last time he attended the reunion and he cannot recall as to when exactly. All I know, is that by that time the streets weren't concrete yet. It's nice to see how his eyes beams when I talk to him. I allow him to do so for I find it rather interesting. I liked the way he smiles when he remembers events of years past.

The program was informal, they prepared a buffet table with food, veggies and of course soda! It was utterly humid around here. It reminds me of how the weather was like back home in Butuan. We were situated near the beach, just a few meters away.  :)

It was a busy day for me! I had little sleep from the time I left Cebu until I arrived. I didn't even thought of sleeping or getting a catnip. I was a bit hyped up in seeing cousins all grown up and of course seeing for the first time my nephews! Colby and John created so much ruckus that it was charming and outright funny! We joined the program by participating in the games. Boy, were we competitive!
See you next year indeed! :)
This was one of the most funniest game.
This is my dad's dad thereby making him my grandpa. He is the considered as the oldest in the whole event! Yay for grandpa! Although he has lost his hearing on one side and you need to increase your voice to talk to him, he is still sweet and kind.  Next to him, is my Aunt Alejandria. Who does look tired from the day's activities and is taking a short nap. 
Like a boss!
It was utterly a hot summer day and thankfully a relative gave us free dirty ice cream! It helped the heat a little more tolerable. Look at him looking spiffy with his shades! :) Maersk, Butch, Dawn and I bonded over chocolates and small chitchats. Since the area had little or no network signal at all, we just enjoyed each other’s company and huddled at the sala. Wifi was also available and Butch took photos and posted them on Instagram and as for me, I tweeted. The night was cool and the place was truly serene. 
Enjoying the cold morning in Leyte.

I woke up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I enjoyed the cold fog. I only get to experience a fog on less polluted areas like here in Plaridel. Our transient home was owned by Aunt Bebie and just like how the world seemed small; her daughters went to school in Cebu! It's funny, I lived all my life not knowing who my other relatives were and this was my chance to do so. We barely had enough time to get to know everyone and I was too tired to move. My energy waned as each hour passed by. I should have slept during my night trip. On the next day, we decided to head to the beach! Yay! Oh crap, I didn't bring swimming attire and I left my sunscreen! Gaaah! Oh well, took the role of photographer instead. The beach was merely meters away and we headed out back. Expecting sand by the shore, we saw smooth rocks and a few corals. For fear of being injured by shards of glasses, we went to a nearby resort instead. We left with the day’s fresh catch and walked to the highway waiting for the jeep.
Clear waters and the boat with the day's catch.
Butch, Cherry Mae, Dawn and my nephews! :P
Aside from me, Lolo and my aunt everyone else enjoyed the waters. Coral Beach Resort and Lodging House offers a pool and beyond the pool wall is the beach. I made tuna ceviche or otherwise known as kinilaw, while Jessa covered the grilling of the fish. Thank God for my aunt's charming abilities, she was able to borrow a pan for cooking rice and how brilliant that she also snagged rice? Bred from utter genius, I say! ;)

After a few minutes, we took enjoyed our banquet and devoured the last morsel of our fishes and the newly cooked rice. I took the liberty to take a short nap while everyone else took a bath and when I woke up; we started to clean and prepare to go to the infamous White House.

Maersk, Grandpa and unknown.
Built in 1924, this house stands amidst the test of time. Owned by Dr. Polo, a very distant relative and of no successors, the house is now being under the care of Mr. Pit Bardos.

Being a sucker for everything antique, I took photos of them and will post this on a separate blog. :)

My visit to Leyte was truly eventful! I wished I could have stayed longer to visit other parts of the place however I had to go back to work.. I will definitely prepare for next years event! I promise to bring a decent camera by then. I only used Mini's camera. (Mini by the way is my x10 mini.) Yes, I name my gadgets. I am lame like that! XD

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