Survivor USA: The Philippines

I just watched the Season Finale of Survivor USA Season 24th and boy was it a good one! Now, what truly hyped me up was the teaser trailer of the next season of my ultimate favorite TV show! They are coming to the Philippines! They are coming over for their epic 25th Season! O.M.G!

Out in the Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur! I am all too excited as they will be here battling it out to Outwit, Outplay and finally Outlast. Read that there would be 3 tribes for this season and aptly named by Philippine animals: Kalabaw (Carabao which is the national symbol of hard labor.), Matsing (Monkey which has always been associated as deceitful and mischievous.) and then Tandang (Rooster, the symbol of the sun, courage and fertility.) Yes! They have three tribes and there are returnees as well! 

Something to mix it up a bit! This will be one of the best series yet! I cannot put too much emphasis to it and the number of exclamation marks could never be enough. 


  1. Caramoan is so popular with Survivor and those types of series. They "close" some islands because of the shoot, and I guess this will happen again for Survivor US. Which kind of sucks for the travelers.

  2. Let's not get started with the pathetic Survivor Philippines. Gaaaah. I just hope this helps our tourism and hopefully not make our politicians more rich than they already are.


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