Sprockets Coffee + Milk Tea Cafe

I am one of the avid fans of lomography. Having this in mind, the newest place called Sprockets was one of the places I needed to visit. This tea house which offers more than just cold tea and hot drinks provides Phillly Cheesesteak, Pizza, some pastas and of course the ultimate quirk of the place! The lomo wall! :)

The place just recently opened. A Fine Arts grad Rachel Arandilla created this place out of her two passion: food and art. The name sprung from the camera part that holds the film in place. This is common for analog cameras or cameras that uses film. I could say that the name fits perfectly well as sprockets always fit a certain pattern which I believe goes the same for the cafe. The place is open to everyone and yes it is easy to fall in love with this place. I was instantly smitten! ♥

The menu is simple and cost-effective. You get the best out of your money. Sorry for the blurry copy.

Click the photo to see lomo-inspired menu.
They have Holga Appertizers and Polariod Pasta! Lomo-inspired! I see what you did there! :P They offer a  wide array of drinks which they divided to three categories: Milk Tea, Coffee and other drinks. We decided to have the Margherita Pizza (Pizzas are available at 12 inch size only), Philly Cheesesteak, Toasted Hazelnut Milk Tea (Tall or 16 oz) and the Assam Iced Tea (Tall or 16 oz).

I enjoyed looking at the lomo wall. The whole wall was covered with printed photos from the owner's collection. Too bad, we came in late, there were customers who took anarchy of the best spot. You can still enjoy your stay for they have tons of chairs. The place had 2 comfy couches which can accomodate up to 4 guests, 4 four-seater tables, 5 two-seater tables, there was also this nook where the owner sat. Don't worry about outlets, as you should know there are plenty at each corner! Yes, I counted! :P There is free wifi as well! Just ask the waitstaff for the day's password.

The infamous lomo wall which somehow resembles a rainbow of photos.
There is a corkboard filled with poloroid photos of happy customers.

I would like to take this chance to commend the waitstaff who had been so eager and accommodated us during our stay. They even offered a glass of water before we asked for the bill! It is a rare thing to be asked.
The open-space kitchen with the eager waitstaff.
It was truly appreciated how they made us feel  cared for. You rarely get that from anywhere! One even gladly offered to take a photo of us on the lomo wall. :) 
There is a glossary of terms for those who want to know more about certain food terms found on the menu. You can even ask your waitstaff and they will be more than happy to answer for you! :)
Assam Iced Tea (Tall) sold at Php55 and the Toasted Hazelnut Milk
Tea (Tall) sold at Php95. :)
Our drinks arrived first. Mine had 50% sugar level, don't worry they will ask you about it. The Assam Iced Tea tasted great. It was a cross between a lemon iced tea with a bit of aftertaste. An indication that it is made from tea and not that of ready made tea powder. The Toasted Hazelnut was a favorite! I always go for the Wintermelon however I wanted to try something new and this was a good choice! I loved it!  T 6 resembles which table you are located. :)

The wait is over. Here comes the Philly Cheesesteak. A cheesesteak is a long bread filled with thinly sliced meat and melted cheese. Made popular in Philadelphia hence the name.  Served with roasted basil leaves and a handful of chips. The beef was succulent, the juice was flavorful. I was waiting for the melted cheese however I found none. This is sold at Php130. Best shared or if you are a glutton like me, then don't. :P

Cheesesteak appreciation post. :)

The Margherita followed in its 12 inch glory. What I loved about this is that they opted to thinly chop the basil leaves which was a brilliant idea! What sets this pizza apart from all others was the crust. This resembled that of a foccacia bread which is a flat oven-baked Italian bread which has herbs within the dough. It was a lovely twist. It was a cross between the thin crust I love and the thick crust that I rarely enjoy. This however, had a wondeful balance to it! The cheese was super good.

Since I had work, we finished our meal right on time! We didn't even realized how full we were until the last bite of pizza and few sips of our drinks.

That is what I call labeling! Even the bill have their logo! This is also found on the waitstaff's uniform. I think it's cute! :)
Snapping away at Sprockets! :)
We only paid Php490 for a very satisfying dinner! It was definitely worth it! Will try the Angus Beef next time!

Sprockets Café
J Block Apitong Street, Cebu City
(This is the second alley from Parklane next to Sweet Little Things and Taiwan Shabu-Shabu)
Hours: Friday - Sunday 11:00PM to 11:00PM
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/sprocketscafe

The Verdict:

Food  10/5
Ambiance 10/5
Service 10/5

It was that good! :)

Map from HungitCebu.


  1. woah! awesome review! will definitely try this place out when i find it! XD thanks em! :D

  2. Thanks Gie! ♥ I would include a map here soon. :P

  3. Hello! :-)

    Found your blog via istorya.net. This post is really helpful. Will check this cafe soon.

    Thanks! :-)

  4. Thanks for dropping by Maria! :)


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