Converse Back to School Mega Sale!

Just like tradition, Converse is back again for it's mega sale! The event will run from May 15 to 20th. We headed out to J Centre Mall Convention Hall to see what we can find.

Here you can see rows and rows of shoes. I never even realized there was a size 3? Sadly the only discounted pairs were the high cut pink ones which is sold almost 70%. I guess I was too late.

Also, they have bags and even clothes up for grabs. It ain't for free. You would need to pay for it at the counter near the stage.

These little footsies made me smile. I wish I had the moolah when I got there. 

I found Nemo! :P
Lady bug. ♥
Maybe next year, yeah? Maybe. I wish I could ask my mother for my allowance. I saw a few pairs that I wish I could buy. Left the place heavy-hearted. :(

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