Nuffnang's South Out Success!

I got excited that Nuffnang will come for a short visit! I have been a member of two years under this url. I made the cut for the first 50 members to blog about our brief rendezvous in the city and where we would take them, this was my entry. :)
The lovely ladies of Nuffnang: Thea and Trexie
Registration was just right at the entrance of Red Box. It's hard to miss. South Out was scheduled from 1:30PM to 4:30PM. A day filled with karaoke and meeting with bloggers of differenct niches. A wonderful treat for everyone who has always wanted to know if there are other bloggers amongst the busy Cebu blogging scene. There is and it's a big big blogosphere world we all live in! This is a first for the Manila based Nuffnang to move out of the busy Luzon streets and head down under. I say it was about time! :D

After registering, you get your welcome loot and 2 gift certificates to Red Box which opens the doors for your private concert with friends! Ain't that amazing? Read my review here. The small white form is for a raffle which will happen at random intervals throughout the event! Hope to win Sumo Sam GCs. :P

Photo from Thea
They had Tablea items on a basket at the reception. I hate the fact that I failed to grab some cookies. :(
Yes, Cebu LOVES you too! 

We headed to the room where people were already singing. Cebu bloggers were instructed to choose from any of the designated rooms and just enter the dragon. Lookie what we have here! Finally met Edd, the Echung of Cebu. We settled in and hoped that this would not be as awkward as it is now. We were then summoned for a brief powwow headed by Carlos Palma, theNuffnang's Country Manager. He welcomed us with a brief talk about what to expect on today's event. No one can ever leave Cebu without getting one of them Island Souvenir's ____ ♥ Cebu shirts which Carlos' proudly stripped down to. ;)

We headed back and did a little bit of karaoke. Fine, it was a lot! Ahahah :D Enjoyed singing to the hits from the 90s. Reminded me why the heck did I left my so called ''dj stint''. We were fed, given drinks and just had a blast. We enjoyed the company of our fellow Cebu bloggers, exchanged blog urls and contacts. It's nice to have events like these. It opens you to a more wider set of people and yes gain friends along the way.  I guess I missed out with all the other blogging events and maybe this was my time to start attending! :P

Perfect timing for the sunny days ahead! 
I won these for singing my heart out with my singing partner, Edd! :P

Us on our room. :)
Other bloggers on the next room.  Photos from Nuffnang.

We only met a few and surely there would be a next time to meet the others right? Please come back again, Nuffnang! Cebu misses you already! ♥

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  1. I'm pleased to meet you Zhequia : ) I hope we can meet again some time...hehe


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