Nuffnang is Coming to Cebu

Heard Nuffnang is finally coming to Cebu this month! It got me all giddy inside! I decided that this would work for one day affair. At the top of my head, I already formulated everything to all aspects of their visit. Much to my excitement I planned out the places we would go if I were Nuffnang's personal tour guide:


Firstly, we would head out for some grub! A visit in Cebu would never be complete without heading to the nearest pungko-pungko or turo-turo place near JY Square in Gorordo Avenue in Salinas Drive. We would  marvel the wonders of cholesterol goodness fried to perfection. Ginabot is a local version of chicharon bulaklak. This is made from pig intestines which is salted, dried and then deep-fried in super hot oil until it flowers up hence the name chicharon bulaklak. The dish is considered as one of the best-tasting street foods here in Cebu. Trust me, it is! :) 

Best eaten with friends and with a cold bottle of Sparkle and a spicy vinegar in tow.


I would then drive you guys down to Moalboal. This is one of those not overly developed beach resorts in Cebu. One of the best beaches I have ever been too. With a small budget, we can have fun at the beach. Chilling, singing and dancing the night away! :)

Let the pictures do all the talking. :D

Cebuanos are warm and loving people. :)
Be serenaded with local talents. ♥
Where children are safe to  laugh, eat and play.
Sights to behold.
To end the day, we would then head out to Outpost, a local hangout for indies and artists homegrown in Cebu. What a way to end the night with good music, ice cold beer and talks that would go on for hours. It would be one day jam-packed with activities and memories to be cherished forever. Will take you guys somewhere else when you do come back for more! :)

Before you leave, I'd take you to Sto. Niño Shrine to ask his blessings for a safe trip ahead. Also fill your bags with otap, danggit, dried mango, and the infamous CNT lechon. Yes, at my expense! All for you Nuffnang! Let's get it started then? ;)

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