Sophia Grace & Rosie in Disneyland

I think it's everyone's dream to go to Disneyland and maybe it was time for Ellen to tell the little girls that there were going. Yes, Sophia Grace and Rosie are going to Disneyland! Did you see the Mickey Mouse Tiara? I wanted one too! :D

The revelation.

Sophia Grace: It's gonna be amahzing!

Rosie: Every character in the parade waved at us.
Sophia Grace: Even Mary Poppins!
Then this big crowd would come around "Oh my God! We love you! Can we take a picture?" and we were trying to film. :D :O

From paparazzis, pink tutus, princess buns and raybans.
... and we're so excited to have cotton candy. - Rosie

Rosie chatting with the red-headed princess Ariel.

Rosie: I've actually got a costume like that.
Ariel: Did Cinderella's fairy godmother made them for you?
Rosie: No, we bought them.

Awww little Rosie is the cutest, yeah?! :P :) :D

We are so excited to be... COTTON CANDY!!

When the fairygodmother escorted the little princess to the carriage, Sophia was over the moon even if her scalp was itchy and Rosie was well still herself.

They even have a new song! An original this time cause Sophia Grace has always been great at it. Here's the video:

They even got pink luggages to bring home in London. We'd be missing them I am certain of that! ♥

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