Tips for Cebu Pacific Transactions

Online traffic was truly huge when I posted about the steps on reserving tickets online. I also made sure to make the blog post truly detailed to cater to everyone's needs. I sure hope the blog post helped everyone struggling to get those most coveted tickets! :P

How to Beat Everyone Else in booking that ticket!

1. Be a member of the website. Although, not necessary you have the option to be one or not. You can register on the main page. This not only saves you time in typing all your details, you will get a discounted ADMINISTRATION FEE. Non-members will pay for Php160 on the fee while for members, Php80 only. Half the price off!
  • A member can also add anyone on the Guest List. This will save you a lot of time typing everyone else's details. Time is of the essence when snagging that Piso Fare! :D 
  • Not only that, you will have copies of all your confirmed and denied transactions found in one page.
  • You can also store credit card/debit card information on this page as well for more faster transactions. You also get e-mail updates on the latest promo and deals. There would be a lag at times on this feature, the best way is to visit the site more often than not.
2. Time is of the essence! Drop everything you are doing and book that flight! Make sure you reviewed the Travel Period. Most people fail to check that in the assumption that the promo is for the coming weeks. Read people! :D

3. E-mail blasts are posted atleast an hour or even days after it's release! This has been a tried and tested fact. This also serves true for printed advertisement in magazines and newspapers.

4. Be greedy! Do not share details of Piso Fare or the even rarer Zero Fares on social networking sites or by group text messages! You just nailed your own coffin. This not only slows the website, you will encounter tons of errors due to internet traffic. Keep it all hush hush. ;) Trust me, you will definitely thank me for this!

5. Bookings are breezy at dawn. For promo fares, guests will dwindle down at dawn at around 4am the site will be less slow and bookings will definitely push through. It does take time for most people and this is where the next tip is applicable.

6. Patience is a definitely a virtue! I know booking these flights are daunting but the wait and the stress is truly worth it!

7. I would suggest paying tickets through the payment centers. There has been problems with double charging for credit/debit cards. Centers are easier and far more safe. Refunds will take you forever. Better safe than sorry.

8. Once you recieve your Itinerary Reciept, do a Print Screen on this page. I do this in case there would be problems with the reservation. Have this saved on MS Paint and keep it on your computer. This will serve as proof for any ticket problems.

9. Book tickets at dawn. This not only ensures you can pay within the day, you also will get to snag your chosen time. Most guests only try and see if they can book tickets however not everyone will get to pay within the day. By this time, most of those dud reservations will be posted back for those willing to pay.

10. I would recommend paying thru LBC.  It's fast and no need to fill out forms! Just hand over a paper with your confirmation code, name of passenger and date of flight and hand it over to the teller. Confirmations is always 24 hours after you paid! No more worrying if your tickets has been confirmed or declined!

I hope these help everyone with your online bookings. It's easier than you thought it would be. Will update this every once in a while. Enjoy your travels. ♥


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