Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

Thank God for Ensogo, had it not been for this I would have never thought of going! Summer is definitely here and we needed to jump start the hottest summer of 2012! The original plan was to go to Oslob for some whale shark diving however we needed to take a stand in saving them. We also thought of going to Bantayan and since it has been a few days since the epic earthquake that shook Visayas, we thought of ditching the plan. Then comes Papa Kit's. It has been a year since Papa Kit's Marina opened and boy did they made a name for themselves! Located in Silot Bay in Liloan, this wide area offers fun activities for your family and friends to enjoy!

Directly from my night job with no sleep at all, we headed out to Liloan to try our share of the 800 meter zipline. This would be my first time and hopefully there would be many more to come. You only get to pay Php14 for the whole ride from highway to Liloan. It was a bit of a long ride but it gave me and my cousins time to catch up. We haven't bonded since one left for Manila and the other lives in Banilad. It was high time to chit chat and laugh at old times.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the kindest shuttle driver who took us to the receptionist. She took our vouchers and gave us tickets with discounts for our stay. Too bad we were unable to use them. We only came for the zipline and nothing else. I failed to mention that you need to call a day before to make reservations. Redeeming vouchers needs atleast one day prior to your visit in case there are functions that would hinder your plans. It was great that we left early and we decided to go on a weekday. Weekends are hectic with people lining in for the zipline. 

No Food is allowed or you pay for corkage.
Rental Rates for the Aqua-Sports.
Zipline fees painted on the wall, it's hard to miss!
There was a superman type? Oh darn! I didn't know?! Too bad the voucher does not offer this option. In any case, I know it's gonna be epic! The sun was directly shining down at us as noon came soon. We failed to buy sunblock. Someone's getting burned today! And yes, that would be me. :P

You need to walk 7 flights of stairs to get to the ledge. Oh my god. My knees got weaker as each flight of stairs pass us by. Jesus Mary  and Joseph! We are almost there! :~

My cousins going for it!

Here is my view, pardon the swooshy sounds, that's the wind! :P

I had to stop myself from screaming, although you didn't hear it from the video! It was a great ride! Less than 20 seconds was all it took to get from the base to the island. The water was really clear makes you want to fall off the line! Ahaha. ^_^ The water was truly inviting, too bad I didn't have enough dough to try out the water sports, maybe next time.

Here is the video of me going back:

The ride was really EPIC! Exhilirating and most definitely something you need to do before you try the big one in Danao - The Sui-Slide! We left with burnt napes and a funny smile on our faces, yes we were ultimately hungry! Heading back to the city.

As they say, you are not paying for the ride but for the experience! Try it sometime! Let your guard down and experience flying even with safety hooks on. Life is full of adventure, don't miss out on it!

Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon
Silot Bay, Liloan, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 520-2116

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