How to Reserve Tickets at Cebu Pacific

Reserving tickets online is really easy. All you need is the keen sense of finding the lates deals which means you need to sign up for the deal update newsletter of your favorite airline company or you frequently check their website (which I do :P). They usually post their latest update a few hours after it was launched. I have no idea why this happens all I know is that it is proven and tested.

The latest fare promo of Cebu Pacific is the ever coveted Php 1 Just for FUN for every JUAN!  Tip #1. When you know that there is a promo, NEVER EVER TELL ANYONE! It's not that you are being greedy it's just that the site gets flooded with thousands of guests making the website really slow. Who wants that right? Every man for himself! Trust me, it will definitely help! :P 

What you will need to do is check for the flights available. It does pay to read. Tip #2. Check for the Travel Period of the latest deal. Don't deny it, we have had this blunder before! Didn't we cuss one time when the flight we wanted does not have a promo deal? CHECK IT.
Online Booking Process:

Step 1: Choose the flight you wanted make sure it is between the Travel Period of the promo. This is the easiest part. Hit on Search and this will direct you to the Select Flight.  Choose the Promo Fares unless you have enough moolah to pay the Year-Round Fares. Click on the Terms and Conditions which we never really read :P and hit on Continue, both at the bottom of the page. This will lead to the Guest Details page. In case you are a bit paranoid, you might like to read the T&C in case they might ask for your first born. :P

Step 2: Fill out the necessary fields in the Guest Details page and make sure you spell out the names properly and double check. We don't want you paying an extra fee should you misspelt your name now do we?  Tip #3. Baggage Allowance Options: GO LITE! This means you can bring as many items as you can so long as it sums up to 7 kilos, this is the only allowable weight you can bring on your carry on. Luckily, laptops and DSLRs are not counted. Be really aware to check this part since the default is at Php250 for Domestic Flights and Php500 on International Flights. Little details do matter. Also this does not include emotional baggages. :P

Also do not forget to provide Your Contact Information. Do not forget to check the two boxes at the bottom of the page especially the Retain details for my next booking. and the Sign me up for Low Fare Alerts and exclusive online promotions from Cebu Pacific. You will get the latest fare alerts on the e-mail you provided below and you will no longer need to type all your contact information the next time you book for the website has already saved this on their memory banks. :P Typing fast helps and most definitely saves you a lot of time should autofill is activated on your browser. Proceed to the next page by pressing Continue. :)

Step 3: Add-ons which has the bold word: OPTIONAL meaning you can opt not to have this on top of your ticket price. This means you can uncheck the items you feel unnecessary. Again, click on Continue at the bottom of the page.

Add-on Continued which is also optional, this is the Seat Selection Page. You can choose your seat from this page. All you need to do is to scroll down on the photo of the airplane and find the yellow box, this is your assigned seat, click on the box and  you will get a pop-up with your name on it, the flight route and the option to Remove Seat & Choose Seat. I always opt to remove it. It's less a Php100 off the total price of the flight, mind you. Then check the small box at the bottom of the page. Continue.

Step 4 Payment Page. We're almost done with the reservation! Now here is one of the wrong assumptions with most people. You can book tickets even WITHOUT a CREDIT CARD! Yes, you have three payment options.

Payment Option: Credit Card -  This is the default option once you reach this page. Click on the small box, this indicates that the booking summay is correct and you are now willing to proceed with the payment process. Should you have a credit card then all you need is to fill out the fields and click Continue.
Payment Option: Bancnet Online This option is for online banking.

Payment Option: Payment Centers This is the best option to go for non-credit card holders. You can pay your flight to any of the following banks and establishments. BDO, LB, Robinson's Savings Bank, Metrobank, Robinsons Department Store. Click on Yes that way you will recieve a confirmation to your phone and click on Continue. I choose this option when I reserve my tickets. YOU HAVE UNTIL 23:59 OF THE SAME DAY TO PAY THE TICKETS. Confirmation codes from this step is unique to any of the Payment Center, make sure to note this down. This is important in paying the tickets.

Once you are done and when you click on Continue you will then get to the Final Step. Step 5. Itinerary Receipt. This page will show you the summary of the ticket you booked for. Note the Confirmation number and the Total Amount.


Once you have paid your tickes your Status will then be CONFIRMED. Enjoy flying. I sure hope this helps anyone who is a poor traveler like me. :P


  1. maghimo pa unsaon pagbayad sa BDO?

  2. @Febbe: Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I will make another blog post about that, keep tuned in! :)

  3. is the travel insurance neccessary?

  4. Sort of. I doubt you'd die anyway. XD

  5. kung magpa book ko ug hotel pero wala credit card cash lang.. unsa-on man?
    planning to go on a vacation sa vietnam

  6. Thanks for visiting the site, Mikan. I am not certain as to the process for online booking with hotel packages. I would recommend that you visit the nearest Cebu Pacific office to verify this information. :)

  7. Hi. After payment, paano makukuha yung plane ticket? Need bang pumunta sa Cebu Pacific office centers or dun na mismo sa day ng flight?

  8. Hi Sheila!

    Once you pay, you can check your online account on Cebu Pacific's site and see if your reservation is now on a CONFIRMED status. You can print a copy of the itinerary and bring this with you once you board in along with your valid photo ID.

  9. thanks you'd help me a lot....GOD Bless

  10. Hi just wondering .. can i book a reservation ticket to avail the promo while my passport is still on process?

    1. Hi Sharjah, I believe your passport details will be asked if you are planning to book for an International flight. If you are booking for a domestic flight, it would be better as you will no longer be asked for any Passport information.


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