At 5:28 a.m. I officially turned to big 2-5! Wow! I am quarter a century old. I would have wanted to sleep at this moment but then this train of thought needs to be written down.

I was asked by a good friend of mine what I would do after the "birthday" dinner with a few close friends and  a family member. I told him we'd go home and sleep maybe buy ice cream and just stay home. Things have changed and I had priorities now. Gone are the days of booze and all  night partying. Life is too much short to waste on hangovers and drown in second hand smoking.

I had things to do, places to see and lessons to learn. Maybe, all I am trying to say is that it was about time to step it up a bit. It was time to what I want to do with my life, what I will do in the next 5 years or so, where I should be and what I would be doing by then. Jump start the life that I was suppose to have. 

I was moved by this birthday greeting someone sent my via Facebook PM. 

I asked myself, "How did I ever lived my life?" Was it because I was away from home, having a small business and that I was in total independence of how my life is currently? Was it because I do not have to deal with family issues and that I had to make ends meet because I only tended for myself? It truly made me realize that maybe I was really brave enough to face the odds. To prove a point that I can make it on my own however ungrateful that may seem to my relatives and even to my parents.

I also felt happy that my dad called up. I wasn't really expecting that they would call and greet me since last year they failed to do so. He even said that the pastry I gave him was truly appreciated and that he loved it. He loved it too much to even share it with anyone else. Yes, I miss my dad and my mom. Heck I even miss our cat! Which I never got to meet. I miss them dearly. :(

People may find it hard to believe how I find contentment in where I am. I do not need to explain to them and prove them wrong. I just felt I am at a place that I belong. I am happy. That's what matters right? Happiness as they say isn't the destination, it is the journey. I stopped searching for happiness cause I already found it. And I am staying. Staying here where I belong. It's funny how I remain hopeful amidst all the things that has happened to me last year. I remained resilient and strong. I survived it all and I know it ain't the end of it. People are gonna keep attacking you and all you need is hold on tight and headstrong! 

I admire who I am now. I could look at myself in the mirror and be proud of where I stand in my life right now. I see myself having my own coffee shop/bakery, travel the world one place at a time and live life like how I envisioned it to be. Steady and surely. I was never sure where I would be when I was younger. All I know is that I will be away from where I used to be. And I am now. I am where I wanted to be and I am happy and contented. I was able to help the victims of Sendong, donated clothes, milk and diapers to the kids in Asilo de la Milagrosa and donated blood. I got people disappointed, lost a few friends, gained new ones and boy was it ever bumpy. As life always moves as it always does. People change, friends leave and life doesn't stop for anybody.

To those who remembered to greet me: Thanks a lot! To my dad who took the effort of calling in just to say that he misses me and loves me: I love you too! To my mom who hasn't been talking to me: I wish you would forgive me and please know that I love you too! To the 33 out of 997 Facebook friends I have who greeted me and 2 who called: Thanks for remembering! I truly appreciate the effort! 

To two of the most influential people in my life who showered me with so much love. Whom always believed in me and what I could become: Thanks! Saying that remains to be an understatement!

The collection is complete with a can of jelly beans! YAY! This made me cry a  whole LOT! :P
One of the best books I have read so far! A classic! Thanks F!
I now realize that birthdays are a reminder that days are counting down until the time you reach your goals in life. I am lucky that I was able to figure out those goals early on with my life. Moving on to the days to come, I am halfway there. I can almost smell it! Here's to me moving forward with life as it comes. More books to read and sniff, more stories to tell, pictures to print and a whole world to see for myself behind the lens or not. Here's to the daydreamer, the skydiver, the pastry chef, the frustrated photographer, the business woman and career woman in me!

So take a chance and never look back! Here's to 25! ~Cheers (holds up a glass of cold water) :)


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