Siopao King

Once upon a time in the far far away place called  Leon Kilat Street in downtown Cebu right across Gaisano South there is this castle reigned by the Siopao King.

Their reign extends to the four corners of the siopao-dom with its reining King Wilson Chua. They have been in the business since 1987. They make the siopao themselves and sell it thru re-sellers. Mr. Chua who always look dapper each time we visit sits across our seat and was kind enough to give us a little chat. He always seemed kind and he sure is! He is a native here in Cebu and got married to a Chinese woman who speaks Mandarin. There was one time they watched a Chinese TV Program! The wife does not seem friendly. We came here for the food anyway. :P

The door awaits your presence. As you enter this small space you get to see waiting chairs the kind you see at the airport. These chairs have bottle holder for the cold soda you get with the meal. You need both hands to devour the meal you are about to have.

We always buy the Meal #1. Siopao and some ice cold RC Cola. You can directly dive into this small bun of meal without the nagging fear that you will eat the paper at the bottom. This still remains a mystery to me for the following reasons: 1. There is no hint of paper marks on the bottom of the bun. 2. I wonder if they just peel the paper off really clean. 3. I sure am happy that I won't be worrying about that piece of paper.

Meal #1 only costs Php25. It is never enough and mind you this small hot bun of meat is truly worth it! I couldn't get enough. :tup

This is the part we all hail The Siopao King :b :b


  1. Kalimot nako when ko last nikaon diha.. pero adto ko unya! hahaha. Murag iyang wife basin dili pa gihapon kahibaw mo bisaya hangtod karon hehe.


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