Php12 on all flights for 2012!

Cebu Pacific's way of welcoming the next year is by having a seat sale! Seat sale fanatics and stingy travellers like moi take pride in my undying search for low travel fares. Get this, you will only get to pay Php12 on all flights (local and yes international baby!) for a limited time only! Taxes and other surcharges still apply but mind you the savings you will use to buy pasalubong will come in handy during your trip back ie. excess baggage! ;)

Check out Cebu Pacific's official websites to get those seats booked. Website link - To get more seat sale promo updates, you can subscribe to my blog click here

Sale Period: Up to October 9, 2011 or til some lucky people were faster than you.
Travel Period: January 1 til March 31, 2012

Tip: If you want to pay less prefer to Go Lite instead it will save you a lot! Trust me! :) 

With all these available promos, I badly need to save up and get my passport ready! >.< Don't worry I'd still bring more flight promos in the coming days! :)

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