Vanille Cafe & Patisserie

On the search for the best pastries in town and being a self-imposed pastry chef we embarked onto this adventure of the palate kind. We decided to check out Vanille Cafe & Patisserie in Ayala and decided that it was time to try their pastries out.

The place is really great, the clear glass enables the light to come in and brighten up the nice lime green and purple colored chairs. From the name itself the decor was rather French. Too bad the cafe was jampacked we decided to bring our goodies outside instead.

We bought 3 varieties of macarons, Tableya, Vanilla Bean and Espresso. Sold at Php40/each. I was rather excited because I had my first macaron at Macaron Tango Cafe in Osmena Boulevard last week so the criteria for the best macarons in town were rather high.

The mere sight got me weak in the knees.

We had these little sugary devils on our small plate. Size-wise they look just the same as the ones in Macaron Tango Cafe. I was really excited. The Espresso did smell like it, the Vanilla Bean was really aromatic and the Tableya well, it smelled Tableya-ish. :P

We took a bite and moved on to the other macarons. They were really chewy not the crumbly like at Macaron Tango Cafe. The filling does not really burst out of the small pastry and the flavors were not that bad. I guess just enough to be tasted.

Macaron Tower

I would say it was truly nice but I wasn't really pleased with it. I guess I wanted the crumbly type better than the chewy consistency they offer.  I would have wanted to have a slice of their cheesecake but we did not have enough time. It was okey, this would come as second best to Macaron Tango Cafe.

I find the macarons here rather sweet for my taste. They flavors were rather subtle too compared with Macaron Tango Cafe. I will come back and by then, adieu Vanille Cafe & Patisserie!


  1. I've been wanting to try their macarons, heard so much about it. But after reading your blog, maybe I should try the ones at Macaron Tango Cafe :-)

  2. You should try and compare. Tell me which ones you prefer most. :)


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