True Blood Season 5 Preview

Yes, officially I am mourning for the death of Jesus and possibly Tara's too. True Blood Season 4 has ended and yes, I have to wait for a year for the next episode to come. Alan Ball recently signed on for a Season 5. The fifth season will be 12 episodes and is slated for Summer 2012.

"I am thrilled that True Blood continues to enjoy a phenomenal reception from both subscribers and critics," said Michael Lombardo president of HBO Programming. "Alan Ball and his gifted team have devised the greatest thrill ride on TV." 

"I remain amazed and delighted by the enthusiasm of our viewers," says Ball. "I can't imagine having more fun than this." 

This is what Raelle Tucker had to say. "There will be a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year. That will be a very familiar and compelling character. It may be someone you've heard of before. Season 5 will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven't really seen fairies. We will all, as well as Sookie, come to understand fairies more than in previous seasons."

As well, Russell (Denis O'Hare ) will be back. HE. IS. MAD. AS. F*CK! Who knows what will happen?

"Russell is not dead. It's safe to assume the king of Mississippi is not gone for good."

Also look for Sookie's (Anna Paquin) independent streak to continue next year.

"While there will always be romance in Sookie's life, Sookie at the moment is choosing herself over all of them. I think that will continue to play into season 5."

Also look for former Fellowship of the Sun leader — and now vampire — Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian).  Teases Tucker, “I will say that Steve’s reason for returning to Jason is not at all what you expect.” 

OMG?! OMG?! I cannot wait til next Summer!

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  1. Nice preview! True Blood season 5 is coming next year?!!! Also, there will be new faeries and new characters. I am very excited right now!!! I really want to watch it in a hurry. I liked the all the season 1~4 for True Blood! Thank you for the good information.


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