Tabléa Chocolate Café

After our short stop over at Vanille Cafe & Patisserie we roamed around for awhile. We then ended up at Tabléa Chocolate Café in Ayala Center Cebu's 3rd Level near Rai Rai Ken. They do not have a space really just a small kiosk where you can sit down and indulge in delectable cocoa-made pastries and even the hot drink we all loved way back when Hershey's Cocoa was not readily available. :P

The pantry and their wide selection of pastry goodness. :)

Since I am not really a fan of anything near caffeine, I ordered the Tablea Layered Cake which is only Php85 a slice! Look at that?! The cake is made from powdered cocoa and with a custard like filling in the middle then drizzled with cocoa syrup. Nom nom nom! :h

WOW! Totally yummy! The price isn't that bad at all!

This is Choco Frio at Php110 and placed on a tall glass good for sharing! I took a few sips and had a little to many of the cake. Intoxicated! >_< I am not really used to this huge dosage of cocoa and my oh my, my world was starting to get dizzy! xD

Word of advice: Have water with the cake instead! :P


  1. TABLEA? Sounds so bisaya. I'd like to taste the cake.

  2. Yeah, I guess they named it that way for a more "Pinoy" feel. :)

  3. i tried their choco frio nya na high jud ko. nag shugah rush hapit wa ko na uli-an. hahaha

  4. So it wasn't only me then?! Nyahahaha. I know right? It seemed like I had 4 red bulls! :e


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