this is red-red. the 5-year old kid who drove me to my destination. yes, he pedaled me from the corner to the rehab facility that ordered some of my brownies. and yes, he is five,i asked. i knew he was young but i never really thought that he was that young. i was taken aback. he need not do this, he should be playing with other kids  by their yard but here he was working. 

we kind of talked. i was really curious. i was really touched. i am 24 and i keep complaining on things and here a 5 year old kid working his ass out. i asked how much he makes each day, he said he only make Php30 and he needs to raise Php50 for the bike rental. he said that he gets free rental during weekends. i tried not to cry, this is by far the greatest triumph of the human spirit. he is so young to even think about giving back to his family and he does, in his own way. i think he is awesome.

i asked to pose for me and he willingly obliged. i gave him Php15 instead of just Php10. i told him that he should really study well come school time and he said he will. i gave him a nudge at the head and said that i will be seeing him soon hopefully with his school uniform and bag in hand. 

maybe that was all i ever needed, that moment when i would realize that there is still something out there for me. something. somewhere. there is still hope. 


  1. heehee. i've seen this kid at our neighborhood. i feel guilty riding the trike if kids like him drive. they can barely run the thing if there are big lugs like me riding on it.

  2. nihilak ko. :( ngsakit akong dughan nga wala nko nabuhat ang iyng paningkamot. nauwaw ko skong kaugalingon. unta kaluy-an sya ni Papa G... bisan witikan lng unta syag 1M adtong nidabog sa lotto. pastilan.


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