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took me awhile to encapsulate what just happened today. so going back to yesterdays text message from my ex-co-worker and close friend of mine. gee messaged me last may 2 about her cousin's wedding.

first reaction: waaaaaaaaaaaah!!! wait up!!! im confused?! me?! why me?! im not a pro?! what the heck to i know? and on a wedding?! holy molly!!! O____O#

i woke up at around 8am and i got a messaged saying id be meeting the make-up artist at 9am. omg. omg. i need to take a bath!!

<some text missing>

so i was rushing my way to the meeting place. tagged my laptop io along with my extra batteries. im a bit worried. i have no idea where cabangahan, pit-os is. id be lost. totally lost in pit-os with only php140 pesos in my wallet and my atm cards all in zero balance. we met and i was surprised that it was a familiar face. so i wont be out-of-place now that i got a the make-up artist for a friend. we met years back. :P weee~ 

we hopped into a cab and headed to pit-os. i only realized that i have never been to this part in cebu. lost phone signal and spent almost all day shooting people candidly and ofcourse scripted ones.

i lost battery power on the most important part of the wedding. the kiss!! grrrr.

so there i was running towards my bag getting my extra battery to no avail. wedding is done and we were off to the reception.

photos from:
super great venue. i have never seen anything like this grandiose. the place was really spacious and you get to see the whole 360 degree view of foliage and yes denuded land. i think i forgot to mention that there is a swimming pool! the place had an entrance fee php20 and i am not sure if it was enough from swimming at the pool. 

going back to the wedding. the bride is stunning. she is super kind and has a big heart. she even played with her scruffy dog while wearing her gown. the groom on the other hand is not bad looking as well should i say handsome? he was. they were a couple made in heaven. they were perfect for each other. together, they create a very lovely couple.

congratulations to the newly wed couple. more photos here.


  1. More photos please. I know they're all pretty. ;)

  2. like the part nah u said the groom is not bad looking as well, unsa man diay imu gi xpect??aheheh.. tpus the bride rarely smiles? bsin dli cya happy... ahaha... about the kiss, wla jud kah nka capture ato nga moment??...

    post napud as anonymous koh.... frank


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