Typewriter Production Ended

They say time is the only thing that is constant around this world. One of the phenomenal inventions of our time has ended its production yesterday.

Godrej and Boyce was the last company that manufactured typewriters shut down its production plant in Mumbai, India with only a few hundreds left. The company's general manager, Milind Dukle, told India's Business Standard newspaper: "We are not getting many orders  now." There are still manufacturers in China, Japan and Indonesia.

Its sad bidding goodbye to the machine that we have been using since 1867 til 2011. 144 years of listening to that soft errr not soo soft sound that it produces as each letter or backspace or whathaveyou :P I felt a bit sad reading the article online. It is indeed a reality that only a few offices that still houses this noisy yet very essential office tool of trade.

We are now at the age of technology. Everything we ever needed was at far reach yet now we can get a plane ticket by a mere click of a mouse, swim at the bottom of the sea with just our monitors or help save children from famine by just visiting a website. Its amazing how far and advanced we now are after years of evolution.

I guess its about time to say adieu to the typewriter. Henry Mill, if he were still alive today would have been so proud. His prototype have come a long way. It was indeed a long journey. Sooner or later, offices will fall silent.

We can then look back and reminisce and say, "I miss that loud machine!"

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