i recently imported all my blog posts to this new url. i just realized that i can retrieve the blog i made way back 2004. i was uber happy cause i get to keep my name and unique url as well. :)

i migrated almost 108 posts and maintained the same template. i gotsa new header as well which also shows what this blog will be about. :)

FTW! Food, Travel and Whatevs.

F - Food like the recent post i made about Razon's
T - Travel  - my exploits around the face of the earth
w - Whateves/ anything in between.

i had to make the change now since i don't have enough traffic yet to earn me a good page rank. so here  it goes.

*tan ta na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan*


add this to your reader if your using  google reader like i do
or any other reading application you have. subscribe and be thrilled about my latest musings!!

this is a paid advertisement by moi. :P

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