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it was raining hard. the wind was cool and i woke up late. yule give culmination is today. i woke up at 9am rushing to get to the orphanage just in time. the night before we prepared the food for the kids. we made sandwiches and i baked some brownies for them as well. we placed them in a brown goody bag and the juice to be given separately and is in the fridge to be cooled. i cranked the fridge at maximum level and hoped it would last the ride on the way there. we added some chocolates and some lollipops too. :P kids love sweets. :) 

so we then decided to take a van instead then take a cab to the orphanage. we got there in the middle of rain pouring from the sky. sister myra welcomed us and introduced us to a fellow nun who also works there. they helped us carry our stuff and we were given a brief tour as we walked our way up the building.

the building was really vast, it used to be a school. since they can no longer maintain the needs of the school they decided to make it a place where people who needs permanent if not temporary shelter are welcome to come. it is now an orphanage. we went up to the building hall and the kids were already there. i couldn't take my excitement. this is indeed the culminating event.

the kids sang a welcome song for us. i noticed they were more girls than boys around. the caregiver mentioned some already left due to the weather condition. not all kids under their care are orphans, some are there to get free education and a place to stay for those who are studying in cebu that would travel far and wide to get home and back. 

sister myra said it was the feast of the three kings and she joked that we were the 3 queens bringing gifts to the kids. melchor, gaspar and balthazar or melchora, gaspara and balthazara. which one is which between me, febbe and dobbe.

ruby loved the brownies. ♥

febbe and dobbe handing out the goody bags to high school kids

we gave the goody bags to each one of them as they lined up. they enjoyed the sandwiches we made and the cold orange juice. they also found some candies and a lolly for them.

it was a wonderful experience. it was heart warming in the sense that you would think back the problems you have right now and realize that yes you are fortunate. 

one of these kids have both HIV positive parents, there was this toodler that was originally from boracay who is now under their care. it is a struggle on how these nuns have to deal with. sister myra mentioned that they have to secure 1 sack of rice each day to sustain the needs of these children. the viand is yet another problem to deal with, diapers for the infants and milk. its sad that people fail to notice the things they have right now compared to these kids we are richer than anyone of them. we have families, friends, food to eat and a shelter to stay. some are even referred by other agencies and some are rather found. found? yes, found in a dumpster, in a church or even at a dark alley.

the kids' form of thanks ♥

i was more than glad that i was able to give them some of what we own. i would also like to thank those who helped me make this event really successful. Yule Give does not end here. the clothes we gathered along with the bags and other items will be given by the nuns themselves. the donated microphone will be used in the chapel. the kids beamed with joy and sang to us.

this is a 56 year old bell. yes, vintage!! :P

before we left, we were given the chance to hike the bell tower.
i have always wanted to go up one and i finally did. :P it was a wonderful way to start the year. sharing, giving, exploring and making a change within ourselves. this year would only be great if we wanted it to. start the year right. live. love. ♥


  1. OMG! Good job Imma! I hope to see more of this event in the coming days or month or as soon as you can! Whatta wonderful deed to start the year indeed! wooot!

  2. thanks mama vada. thanks for yer help too. :D

  3. I SUPER ♥♥♥ THIS! :) And that little girl, Ruby? I wanna hug her ay. She's sooo cute! Great job em. I'm so proud of you. :)

  4. @che: thanks so much for yer support! :) imma do this again. :D

  5. kahimus sa bata ngalan ruby sa pic while eating... aheheh... indeed heart warming jud nah cya nga experience emz... I agree that we are indeed very fortunate... continue what your doing and you will receive more blessings than what you had given... :)


  6. hala ka oi... matangkog mn sad ta ani... basin sunod ani mag-adopt naka'g bata... angelina? hehehe

    -b0ng g0rge0us... :D

  7. hello yemm!!! i was so touched by what u did last xmas.. wew.. good job!!! hope ul stay the same.. kami sa provincial jail nangadto.. bwehehehe.. Godbless.. mwuahugs..rishy


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