rooster's mass

any moment from now or by the time you read this, it is officially the time for the "rooster's mass". you might be wondering what rooster mass means right? it is the actual literal translation of the phrase for midnight mass or by everyones knowledge is misa de gallo. mass starts at the dawn of December 16. this will then continue til christmas eve.

9 mornings as they call it sometimes. the last day of the nine-day ritual is known as simbang gabi. i was one of those who actually believed that by completing the nine days of these midnight masses is equal to a wish come true, and many of us still believe this centuries old promise to this day.

back in grade school on my 6th level i completed my first 9 mornings. i wished to pass the entrance examination for the science curriculum at our local public high school which i actually did. the following year, i completed my second 9 mornings and asked for a cellphone. didn't actually happen. the next years, i was too tired to complete them. i remember that my cousins and i would race to complete the 9 mornings. i never then got the chance to complete them let alone remember to go to church on those days. its not really my fault if my bed is far more accomodating than that of the pews in church filled with church goers that look tired or a bit sleep-churching. yes, i have my moments of dozing off and my cousin will snap me back to the reality that i am not in my bed and i am supposed to listen to the priest.

i stopped wishing for things during 9 mornings already. i guess after everything i had been through for the past years, the misery i had to endure just to finish something for 4 years, the pain it was for me to wait to be free and the times when i almost lost it all, after shitty things that has rained errr stormed my way... i found something to believe in.

i found something that keeps me going each day. i found the reason to live. i found my reason. and yes, its you. we don't need to wish and wait for 9 mornings to get what we want. some work hard for it, some just got lucky and some are just patient enough to wait. 

so long as we believe there is still hope and there is still a chance. the universe will align all the planets, the angels will sing its chorus, it may be grandiose, it may not be how you wanted it to happen. but one day, that certain day, when you will meet that person. the person that will be worth every pain, every heartache, that one person that will remind you that this hands are yours to hold and this heart for you to take. 

that one day.
i did.

photo credit to audiOscience!


  1. sweet in the ending...i wish i could say the same...a hand to hold...someone to rely on...a crying shoulder...but tehehehe you'll never know who comes my way (si crushie!!!) :$

    he's becoming more rather close to me than before and i cant help but smile when i remember him :)

    i hope he will become one of my inspirations in life ^_^

    p.s. dont say the name emz :O

  2. lol genn. don't get too carried away now. :D
    thanks. no names, i didn't even mention any. :P

  3. i miss cmbang gabi =.=" too bad i really can't make time for it..

    my sched doesnt allow for me to do so..sigh..

    nice blog about it emz, really liked the ending :)

  4. nah,im not active with this kind of event em.

  5. @bol: thanks for that. :)
    @hiw: i have no idea what you are talking about! ha!! :D

  6. I wish I could still believe Ima. But times are surely tough on my side of the planet.:D

  7. everyones having a rough time. :(

  8. no, misa de gallo means that ...


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