i've been really down these days. IO being really unresponsive is not really helping me one bit. i checked the laptop and yes, it has tiny sounds coming from the lappy itself when i turn it sideways.

a friend who has a DVDROM has been ignoring my texts and messages. guess that means NO. someone who is technically inclined  has been ignoring me as well. fine, if its not ignoring then it feels like it. :( and its not like i would remove the DVDROM from the PC that i am currently using just to fix it. not that i haven't thought about it, but i think it just was not worth my time and effort.

i would wake up hoping IO would power up without me praying that the error message would not come up again. it not only ruins my day- it pisses me off big time. makes me wanna throw IO out the window. this has been going on for almost a week now and i am not happy with the delay. i pestered Sony and asked help but all they gave me was...

Dear Ma'am,

Thank you for the information. We regret to inform you that we do not have available recovery disc for your unit as this is an overseas model. We can not repair your laptop without the recovery disc.

Best regards "

best regards? as if that would help me at all.  i hate this. 

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