i remember when i was young, my mother took non-formal classes at my high school back then. i would be her ally that means bringing her big basket full of cake decorating items, mixing bowls and of course her baking pans each named Diding. (in case of theft)

i always loved Saturdays. she would take me to her classes each saturday and i would always say yes. i like running errands when she rans out of butter or sugar. i would also take care of the cleaning. i can watch her classmates do their own stirring, mixing and also cussing as they found out that they needed more baking soda to the meringue. they would each write down notes on their notebook. my mom had this spring ultra big notebook with a green nature cover along with words of wisdom. it was her life. it was fun seeing her bake and move along with the instructions. 

she baked different types of cakes, pies, cookies and brownies. i loved her buko pie! ♥_♥ in highschool i got into the entrepreneurial fad. i sell cookies to classmates and friends. it was a bit of my sideline back then. cookies were sold at Php1.00 each, it was a total hit!! :D 

who doesn't love cakes? who doesn't love eating?! :D :P 
lately, due to the fact that i still got free time. i was able to ignite again my passion for baking. i think its innate in me that i can really cook. (ehem*) so far as baking, i can do fairly well. last christmas i was able to bake our fave devil's food cake and now i was able to find the best frosting for the cake.

where is my pat in the back? ahahahah :D :D

i think i deserve more than that!! :D


  1. You miss your mom, don't you? ♥

  2. Diabolical Angel Cake and To Die or not to Die for Cake 2011 version is what i can call this cake XD
    the 2nd name tho is rather long for a cake's name
    or perhaps just plain Keiki will do XD


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