my lappy - broken last night. it said "operating system not found". how could it not find it? i was either annoyed or pissed that it stopped in the middle of the movie i was watching while i was busy sewing my jacket. i love io and it has not been a year since i got this. i rummage to the chest of utter nonsense and found my warranty card. 

i even went to the course of chatting a sony agent offshore. she was not that much of help but it was worth a try. my laptop is broken. i would say he is sleeping. i wish i got that chance.  sleeping til the storms out. the agent instructed me how to get to the BIOS and if the hard drive is not detected then it means that it is a hardware problem. my  BIOS detected that it was ATAPI as if i cared about it being what it is. damn.

i was not happy at all. i emailed them and ranted that they should give me free replacement disks for the operating system. they replied and said that i need to give out the model number. i was able to give that as soon as i got the email.

when i accepted that this was not gonna be fixed til after the yuletide season, i got my books from the boxes it slept for months. id be back to reading and yes, id still update my blog every now and then.

things i did after the event:

  •  i deactivated the game i was currently hooked on in facebook
  •  i will be reading the latest bob ong book i bought. as i promised that i will not read it not unless i am done with transcribing everything and submitting them.
  • i will finalize the donation drive and will buy the food and materials.
  • i will read back ABNKKBSNPLako and maybe i can lend the HP collection from Liya if she is kind enough.

things i will do in the next few days:
  • finalize the inventory for the donation drive
  • finalize the date and time with Sister Myra
  • claim the other clothes from friends and febbe's friends.
and this is what i feel about sony right now, aside from the fact that IO is sleeping already my DVDROM does not work because the pathetic driver did not say "incompatible with win 7 ultimate" on the download page.

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