one click. shutter goes off.
film rolls.
picture is taken.

dark room.
red light.
silver iodide.

memory card.
flash drive.
hard drive.

so many things to consider. so many equipments to check. 

flashback: grade 4 i was given a minolta camera. my dad is a seaman (retired now) and would bring goodies when he comes home. he always would make it a point to buy a camera. back in the day, we have 2 double A batteries and extra rolls of 34 shot kodak films. i was always at charge when taking family photos or any event for that matter. it actually didn't matter to me if i was in the picture or not. i was happy taking those priceless moments. photos of my distant aunts laughing their asses off at a green joke. seeing my nieces and nephews fight over a cake. or even those that does not really matter, a grain of rice, a drop of blood. i was hooked. i was smitten by the flair of it all.

years past.

i got a pink camera. omg. my first ever digital camera! i was soo excited about it that i would go out everyday to the beach and shot away. we live near the beach so it wasn't that hard running from point a to point b. i bring it with me everyday to school. snap photos during breaks and even during classes. that pink camera was my life. i even made a camera case for it cause it didn't come with one. then one day, i lost it. gladly, i saved all my photos in my pc. 

then after being so kind and nice to my dad he got me a new one. samsung this time. i hate it to say the least. i don't like the fact that it uses 2 double A batteries. one thing i hate about digital cameras is the fact that they use double A even if its lithium ion core it wouldn't satisfy me that much compared to a lithium ion bar battery.  i managed to take random shots in every chance i get.



my dad got me this SLR for a post-graduation gift. it was marvelous. i finally got the thing that i wanted in my life. a SLR! a single lens reflex! i didn't even had the time to save up for this. i was super ecstatic that i brought  Vin along with me to cagayan de oro for the board exams. i was snapping away at the plaza and waited as the people passed by. it was wonderful taking time to smell the flowers, enjoy the mist from the fountain and just happy snapping away using up all my 36 shots. :))

without all my gear, i decided to use my mobile phone to keep the shutterbug in motion. 3230 to 6300 any mobile phone that has a camera just works for me. the sheer joy of randomness. i love the fact that i can see something others failed to see. some call themselves professionals and some are just plain posers. i can't say i am best at what i do but i sure hope i can make you feel what i felt then. wish i can make you feel the exhilaration that i had when i was snapping away on that fireworks display.

there is quite a few people that i follow on their photography stints:  nawe who i think is really good at what she is doing. noelle whom i've seen her works on facebook. edd who took a beautiful shot of my former co-worker girlie. i know there are others out there. so many potentials so little time to hone their skills.

i have so many concepts in my head and im wondering how can you stand out in this passion called photography when everyone else is in to it?! its more on like a fad now that everyone can own one. we call them RBs. rich b*tches and rich b*stards cause they can get all the gadgets they want and what's in the market for now. i believe that they got it all in auto mode and use it as a point and shoot camera which is funny when you think about it. how can they be so envious at things when they can't even decipher what overexposure means. they even use it as their bling for crying out loud.

im not saying that i am really a genius at these things. i am also not saying that i am better than anyone else. i just wanted to say that just because you got a camera doesn't mean you are a photographer and just because you don't have one doesn't mean im not. 

canon. nikon. pentax. minolta. olympus.  so many labels to choose from. 

i am certain of one thing: i am passionate about this. i know where i stand. i may not have had classes about exposure, lighting, portraiture, macro and all other technical aspects of photography yet it doesn't make me less of what i am capable of doing. i don't have a portfolio yet and im building that. i have tons of concepts. im tired of cliques. one thing im sure of: im gonna kick ass and id be proud of it. 

there is still hope. 
i am looking forward for that day to come.


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