beginning of the end

i am a self-confessed bookworm along with my best buds back in highschool namely: boss bangs, boobie, sleepy, forehead, magandang binibini (beautiful girl), chawimost of the time, boobie lets us borrow her cousin's books. 

i was hooked by Lemony Snicket and his 13 book series titled Series of Unfortunate Events which was adapted to a movie bearing the same title. sadly, i was unable to finish book 13. between lemony's works i was also equally smitten to JK Rowling and of course Harry Potter himself. magic and of course the fight between good and evil is always a good theme for an installment. i would still recall being in line amongst all of my friends hoping to read the next book. i was able to read the final chapter by the help of a good ebook and nothing really beats a the hardcover book by which i can smell the pages (yes, i like to smell books) and hold it. i read the final installment twice, i borrowed brent's copy. i indulged every page. this is the final book and there wouldn't be hearing anything more about this orphan we all love.

after being busy with my 5-day work. i was able to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. sadly, Imax Cebu only airs the 2D version. febbe and i decided to watch the film in Country Mall. we paid the tickets which was at Php100, bought some snacks and a bottle of 1.5L water. i could say that i grew with the film. this was my childhood. it was everyone's childhood. bits and pieces of everything we have read and everything that we feared. the end of the most critical acclaimed book of all time. Part 1 is still airing on most theaters in Cebu and Part 2 to be aired by July 2011. 

i must admit that i almost cried when hedwig died and so with dobby. why do they have to die? just because harry grows up doesn't mean they should start killing the pets?! whatever happen to crookshanks

in any case, maybe it was me on my denial stage or maybe this is me unable to let go of harry. maybe next year.


harry has grown and so are my fellow bookwerms. though distance may tore us all apart. i would always remember you guys when i get to read a new book and yes when i sniff the pages as well.


  1. I didn't know you wrote something about HP. Hehe. And you're right, whatever happened to crookshanks... hmmm... imma re-read that. :D


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