a good friend of mine wanted to go crazy as if he aint crazy enough all over again on a photoshoot. it has been established that he is  the ultimate unapologetic camwhore and i quote him he is the "average everyday sane psycho supergod"

he is like that and much more.
misunderstood but never fails to stand out from the crowd.

he gave me the green light about his upcoming branding on film which i was totally psyched to do on a boring afternoon. we left and bought supplies: poster paint and paintbrush. brent bought some grub to suffice for the shoot and headed to the studio. this may not have been possible with the collaborative work of DNA with the most wonderful, quirky and fun couple Derren and Ana and the random painting job of Febbe and ofcourse moi. :))

lighting checked.
iso checked.
brent is ready.
we are all excited watching him at the sidelines waiting for one sin to unfold in film after the next.
retouching his face to get the full on effect and ofcourse having fun amidst the rain outside.

the photoshoot for his vision of the 7 deadly sins. the seven deadly sins otherwise known as cardinal sins or capital vices. the seven deadly sins by Dante Alighieri in his The Divine Comedy lead this bibliophile and a creative writer to his alter-ego: SALIGIA.

commit them all he says.
clicks from the camera.
flashes of light.
a thunderstorm outside.
let the parade of sins start.

superbia or other wise knows as narcisism or vanity or pride.

avaritia or avarice or greed. ahh don't we just wish we can sleep on a bed full of bills? or otherwise...

luxuria or lalalalalala lust! erotic pleasure, carnal hunger.

ira or wrath... blood, thrist for the kill. the predator... hear me roar!!

gula or gluttony, the overindulgence of anything related to food.

invidia or envy. the longing for something we never have.

acedia or sloth. apathetic. anhedonic.

the eight deadly sin has been unfolded.
this is SALIGIA.

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