I applied as a barista way back in July and I was surprised seeing an email for a job opening. I ran through the necessary requirements and needed time to accomplish them. Aced the interviews and was for training the weekday after next. I was then officially a barista trainee at a new coffee shop in I.T Park. Trainees work for 2 straight weeks without days off which means I have to wake up pretty early and leave. The job entails me to train from 7am til 4pm, it seemed like school less the homework... errr we do have exams per day and that means: it is like school! Yes, I need to pass all 10 exams ranging from the History of the shop to managing and maintaining the equipments. I took the job cause I always dreamed how nice it feels to make coffee for people or get to cook them breakfast meals. I have the passion for cooking and the flair sense of customer relations. I thought I was a shoe-in, maybe a tad bit.

Day 1 

I started Monday and made it til 4pm, had 3 exams about coffee. Its a bit ironic, I am so eager to work at a coffee shop when in fact I was never a fan of coffee. It also doesn't mean I am not capable of making you one great espress machiatto which I never got to do. I cleaned, washed, mopped the floor and the best thing there was: cooking! I love cooking. I still love cooking. Must be the reason why I'm gaining weight.

Day 2

I was apprehensive if I'd still pursue the job. It's hard for me to wake up early these days and harder to move about. I realized that being a barista not only means blending one mean Avalanche it also includes: cooking Peppered Bacon S'wich, counting the toppings for Yogo and doing the clean up. It was never a problem for me, til the end of the day. I was late. I still got there 7 minutes late and wiped the steel bowls dry. I cooked eggs and bacon well. I took my 6th exam and mainly helped out in the kitchen. I got home super tired. It was too much physical work. I can't stand that hardwork. I also read the psuedo-contract that I signed. It states there I'd get Php150/day and will be accumulated til the 14th day. If in case, they would lay me off, I'd still get the amount I worked for and if I stop, I won't get anything. I got sick when I got home. It felt as if I never felt that tired all my life, til now.

Day 3

I cried and decided not to go back anymore. I left home early and went to Lapu-lapu. I send them a text message that I will never be back anymore. I thanked them for the opportunity and the efforts in making the short yet sweet experience worth remembering.

You can call me names now. I can totally understand. The 2 days were great! I can't say it wasn't worthwhile when in fact it really was. I would miss Earl who was really eager to help me out and always calls out my name when he needed help with his eggs... err cooking the eggs. I'd miss Jonavel who was really sweet. Maam Mimi who was always smiling. I weighed my options: If I'd stay or not. The cons helped me decide. If I'd stay any longer I might die of exhaustion. I know its not a good paying job but I need that right now. I need a stable job and yes, I am picky when it comes to salary. 

My parents may not tell me but I know. I am now the breadwinner. My dad recently retired. A retired seaman with little savings for our family. I can't tell you much about my family as of yet. I need time for that.Yes, I am disappointed at myself for quitting, as if I can land a job that easily. I am saddened. I lost a job and I'm currently job hunting and have a few interview lined up. I need to be wise in choosing where to start all over again. It is hard. We never have any hold of the future and I wish I have enough time to experience the future I see myself in. I hope I land a job that's been dreaming of me as I have been dreaming of it too. I'd probably visit them soon, buy coffee for a friend and just indulge the Fat Belly meal. 

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