my wilson

i watched House MD yet again and i love the dysfunctional friendship Dr. House anfd Dr. Wilson share. how they can be so opposite yet so right for each other or maybe they are perfectly the same in one way or another. i believe that friendship go beyond race, gender, culture and time.

"we only wish for one thing, to meet that certain someone who is just like us." ~ dr. wilson

we always hope that amongst the crowd of people that walk in and out of our lives there would be that one particular person that decides to stay. we might have dreamt of them, we might have felt their presence, we hardly even know if we will ever see them. ever.

some people get lucky to have met them early on and some catch up, and to those who are waiting they only have hope to believe that they will come eventually. they will come on the moment that they always wanted or maybe at times when you never thought it would be.

how is it? what are the odds? of meeting you. who am i to deserve you? what have i done in my life that allowed me to have you now? and why me? when i guess there are far more people that deserve your time and presence.

i am beyond grateful. i could not believe how  great it would always feel, i could not fathom how timely you came. i refused to believe that i could ever feel this much happiness when im with you. i used to be all this sad and miserable and then you came, things were much much much more bearable. i used to cry myself to sleep, waiting til my tears would dry up on its own and now you came willing to wipe them away. i was happy again. and here i thought i needed to be fixed,  i felt like i was never broken after all.

please believe that whatever happens, im here. as you are for me. i am happy as long as you are. how you mean to me and how you would always be: my everything.

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