i was uber lazy the past few days.
indulge in the comforts of my bed and the meager food i have left for survivalin these tough times.

suns up.
good day to apply.
which i did.
option A : communications coach
was late again.
this time the guard said "maam, basin pagkaudto pa sila mahuman?"
at the back of my head
 ohhh. daghan siguro mi mag-apply....
so i sat on the monoblocks that were lined.

this doesn't feel right....

 guard, com coach akong giapplyan...
 aw mao ba mam? wait sa ha? 
 ingkod lang ko. 
guard held out his walky talky and mumbled something gibberish

after what seemed like 5minutes
he said that id just hand over my resume and TOR which i did
and just wait for the call.
which i am not really getting.

you see, when they say that they will call you its the MOST polite sentencethat you got axed!
went home
and rode a jeep.
i know the building is just like a 5 minute walk to my place but i was too lazyto think of my scarce money that day.
rode a jeep which looks like a small bus.
then paid my 10 peso coin
stopped at my fave net cafe
and asked for the change
when i got down
i noticed i was given 13 pesos.
all i did was smile and crossed the street
entered the net cafe minus all the gamers who not only pollutes the air by theswearing and DOTA jargons but hacks and hoards the net connection.
singed in to YM
and found that my 2 besties are around
BB and B :)
so there
we chatted.
like old times
and felt a bit relieved already.
from that point, i sat in front of the computer for 7hours.

signed out from facebook
deleted games
i did.
mafia wars
superpoke pets
vampire wars
typing maniac
word challenge - which im still the number one of all time :))
no more games
back to old FB and its perks :D

went home and i am not sure what happened next.

sunny day.
applied in Option B.
walked in.
did the filing up of forms and initial interview
funny thing: i graduated nursing so in our "university" we were nottold how to do a business letter. on the exam there was a part there that asksyou to reply a email in business form.
thank god for google and my packet data phone capabilities.
typed : sample business letters
saved an image
done and done.
*smug grin*

HR rep: the exams are not yet ready but you can actually just proceed to theManager's interview later at 10pm.

went home.
worried that we no longer have enough funds to keep us alive, breathing andfunctioning til i get my dad's allowance.
my cousin and i decided to pawn our items.
we have white gold gifts (high school graduation gifts at that).
have enough funds to buy us rice, pork, vegies and a fastfood treat.
we scoured Carbon and Colon for fruits couldnt find anything that i fancy.
went to Gaisano to buy bread and ready-made vegies for cooking.
yes, i cook too.
i am well domesticated mind you! ;D

so there.
went home.
went to KFC in IT PARK to celebrate the
 "millionaire state" 
and saw a college friend by surprise.
relived old times.
and accompanied her to the internet cafe near my place and back and back andback.

since it was still 8 ish, my cousin and i decided to FB instead.
i watched Grey's Anatomy while she was busy harvesting her crops.
by around 9:45pm. we signed out.
went home.
got dressed.
was looking for my valid IDs...


i think i lost them while we were walking about Carbon and Colon.

i accepted defeat at 10pm.
went to the building north of my boarding house and bough along with me myexpired NBI clearance 2 atm cards with my name on it and my review ID back incollege. shit shit shit.

this is an omen i say.
and it was.
to cut to the chase
i didnt pass.
we all didnt pass.
it sucked if you ask me.
the false assurance.
the "we will call you.."

i was so pissed and outright depressed.
i went to McDonalds and bought plain sundae.
i was thinking as i stared at the moon which was gorgeous.

shit. how sad and pitiful i must look right now.
i cant cut my hair its waay to short.
i cant cut my fingernails id end up bleeding.
nothing to deflect how i feel.

i went to the net cafe as of again.
and my team mate and would me tambay-mate found me there.
he typed his resignation letter. lols.
funny thing.
misery does love company.

we parted ways.
went home at 4am.

i was never competitive.
was never the type who fails.
and i did.
and it sucked.
i failed twice for the love of God.
i checked my calendar and told myself
no more applying....
and i think i need to watch a movie tomorrow


the planned mushie conference failed.
(mushie - its this groupie i have. highschool friends. bestfriends)
we are composed of 5.
boss bangs which now lives in Chula Vista, Ca
boobie who lives in Wisconsin the dairy state
sleepy back in Butuan
forehead still in Butuan
and me

dont ask why we have the names. it speaks for itself. if you know them :DD

butuan is in black-out as of again.
BB's net connection is super slow due to the magicjack they plugged in.
and boobie is preoccupied with TV.
maybe we can do it some other time instead.

its a sucky week afterall.
i miss my friends.
back home.
i miss my mom.
i wanna go home.
i still need to find a way to get my IDs back.
i need IDs!
i cant get my lappy if thats the case.  
aside from my scathed esteem
and broken dreams
im here still typing with the gamers who not only pollutes the air by theswearing and DOTA jargons but hacks and hoards the net connection.

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